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Chicago Mackinac 2007 – new wiki page added

2007 Chicago to Mackinac Sailboat Race

New wiki page added:
2007 Chicago to Mackinac Sailboat Race

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The following calendars are now published on Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is a free online service provided by

Your Google Calendar account will let you create and edit your own calendars online. You can keep them private for yourself, or publish them for other people to see. You can also let other people edit the calendars. Google Calendars are a good solution for organizing people and events.

You can add Google Calendar to your existing Google Mail account, or create a new account. Either way, it only takes a few seconds to sign up. It really is that quick and easy!

You can get your free account here:

With your Google Calendar account, you can also subscribe to calendars. Race schedule information is then updated for you automatically.

Using Google Calendar– or other software supporting the iCal format, such as Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird– is a good solution for the tricky, time-consuming task of managing and communicating crew schedules.

Google Calendar provides an interesting feature- free text message alerts. Not guaranteed to wake up passed-out, hungover sailors on race days, though. However, automatic text alerts may be helpful if sent early the night before racing!

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Jimmy the Columbia YC Bartender

Columbia Yacht Club

“12345” posts on Sailing Anarchy:

On a lighter note…

For those who may have been curious what happened to Jimmy the Columbia Bar Tender the wife and I ran into him on Sunday getting some sweets at Letizia’s Bakery on Division. He is next door at the Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar Enoteca Roma. He said to let people know, funny guy actually misses the sailors, most flee the likes of us… Consider the word spread!

Jimmy was always a huge favorite among everyone at Columbia Yacht Club, and is the best bartender ever.

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Happy Hour Tonight 5PM

“kristian” posted on Sailing Anarchy:

A few folks from the V15 Belmont and Shields fleets are getting together tonight for drinking practice at the Weather Mark tavern, right around 5pm. All welcome.

29 March 2007 | Social Events | No Comments calendar – software compatibility Calendar Online for iCal and Google Calendars

The calendar has been tested for compatibility with the following software:

If you use any of the above software, or any other that supports ical calendar format, your calendar software is compatible with calendar.

Subscribe to the following links to receive automatic calendar updating:

Additional calendars are available on the calendar, they use the same URL format as shown above.

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2007 LMSRF Area III Race Schedule – Boat of the Year series


The current unofficial schedule is posted here on the wiki.

The official schedule (which currently does not indicate Boat of the Year series races) is available at the LMSRF website:

The schedule is also mirrored on the calendar, which provides you with automatic calendar updating (for users of Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird and other similar calendar software).

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Welcome to

…a cool website for everyone who wants to sail fast…

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Leukemia Cup Regatta -












 ...a cool website for everyone who wants to sail fast...