More 2007 Boat Carnage

Seagoon suffered damage after hitting a submerged rock in the shallows of Beaver Island on Port Huron Mackinac return delivery. Stringer damage was serious and the boat is not expected to race again this season.

Raven suffered a tiller failure on Mackinac return delivery, which was fixed. The boat was in Chicago to race Sunday.

Jahazi was seen in Muskegon at Torreson’s last weekend, appearing to have keel damage which was repaired.

Karma ran aground during Chicago Mackinac race and withdrew.

Regardless is rumored to have run aground.

Barracuda and her keel were recovered and transported to Manistee, where her fate remains to be decided. Hopefully she will be repaired and racing again soon.

The Island House awards party for Chicago Mackinac race may be dead, also. By all accounts, the Grand Hotel party was superior in all respects.

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