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Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation- 1st Annual Survey

Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation
1st Annual Survey
January 26, 2009 – February 7, 2009

LMSRF has put together a survey to learn what racing boat owners and
crews want in racing from organizing authorities, ideas on how we can
grow participation and how we are doing overall. >>>The most important
message we wish to send is to forward this link to all of your crew
members, your fleets, and get input from as far and wide across Lake
Michigan as possible. We can’t emphasize this enough.<<< Results will be tabulated and shared on the LMSRF website for all of us to learn from (G-rated responses only!). We expect to incorporate your thoughts in the 2009 season plans. Thank you, now here's the link and please respond fully.

Donald Thinschmidt
LMSRF Commodore

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LMSRF’s Area III Section Break Committee – Survey Participants Wanted

LMSRF Area III Section Break Committee:

Area III’s Section Break Committee is looking for input from boat
owners to improve racing in the PHRF sections.

We have sent 130 boat owners email inviting them to participate in our
survey on section breaks, rating rules, etc. You can see the results of
the current 41 responses at .

If we missed you because we didn’t have the correct email
information or if you didn’t race last year but plan to this year,
please contact Don Draper to get your survey invitation.

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Quantum Sails and Sailing Anarchy: Ringing in the New Year with FAIL

Quantum Sails terminated the employment in Chicago of a very well-respected, admired and liked sailmaker as of January 1. We were very sorry to learn Tac Boston was let go.

On the other hand, Quantum Sails funded sponsorship for Sailing Anarchy’s presence at Key West Race Week. Apart from generating controversial attention as per usual, the powerboat used by Alan Block “Mr. Clean” interfered with racing, requiring redress for the competitor affected. This occurred AFTER receiving warning of numerous complaints from competitors. link

From our perspective, it’s difficult to imagine how these choices by Quantum Sails benefit anyone. Do they benefit Quantum Sails’ profitability? We have no idea. Does it really matter? How much embarrassment does Quantum need to fund in order to achieve their promotional goals?

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Sailing Anarchy: Flying Tiger Controversy and False America’s Cup Bravado

From the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Department”:

Sailing Anarchy “Editor” Scot Tempesta has raised some eyebrows among the Flying Tiger fleet, by attempting some underhanded methods to exclude a well-respected and liked competitor from participation:

Flying Tiger thread on SA

Meanwhile, Sailing Anarchy contributors have apparently paid more than $14,000 to fund a delusional effort to launch an America’s Cup challenge…

Who’s Donated?

Where is the money?

…add to the list of things that make you go, “hmmm….”

One Question:

Will the boat be named after Donald Crowhurst

…or Bernie Madoff!?!

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Chicago Mackinac Race: More Details about Double-Handed Division

Chicago Yacht Club announces:

Only monohulls will be eligible to race in the new Double Handed Division. 

While multihulls are not eligible to compete in the Double Handed Division, they will have the option to sail in a double handed configuration within the Multihull Division. 

Skippers and crews wishing to compete double handed (in either the Double Handed Division or the Multihull Division) must seek approval from the Race’s Selections Committee. In addition to the normal Race prerequisites, double handed applicants must document the following: 

These are minimum requirements. Most, if not all, successful applicants will far exceed these requirements, and will be able to demonstrate significant short handed racing experience.


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ISAF Sailor Classification Commission To Hold Presentation At Acura Key West 2009

ISAF logo -

ISAF announces:

The ISAF Sailor Classification Commission is pleased to announce that it will be holding a presentation and panel discussion at next week’s Acura Key West 2009.


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Youngest Briton to scale Everest killed – Was named “Adventurer of the Year” for global journey using only skis, sleds, sails and bicycles

Mount Everest -

Updated – More from National Geographic:
article 1
article 2

CNN reports:

Rob Gauntlett, the youngest Briton to summit Mount Everest, died in a climbing accident along with another mountaineer in the French Alps, the British Foreign Office confirmed Sunday. Both were 21.

he bodies of Gauntlett and James Atkinson were found Saturday in the Mont Blanc area. Weather conditions were reported to have been clear and cold in Chamonix at the time.

Gauntlett scaled Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, in 2006 just days after his 19th birthday, along with 19-year-old James Hooper, his Web site says. He shattered the previous British record set by Bear Grylls at the age of 23.

Last month, National Geographic Adventure magazine declared Gauntlett and Hooper “adventurers of the year” for their 26,000-mile journey from one of Earth’s magnetic poles to the other using only skis, sleds, sails and bicycles.

Gauntlett said on his Web site that completing the journey was his proudest moment.

“We had spent three months on a 60-foot yacht sailing across the world’s most brutal ocean. A year before I had done virtually no proper sailing, so to be thrown in at the very deep end was a little scary at times,” he admitted.


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Mackinac Race Q&A seminar – 11:45AM, January 31, 2009 – Strictly Sail Chicago, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Chicago to Mackinac sailboat race logo -

Race To Mackinac Committee announces:

I am pleased to announce that Chicago Yacht Club will have a booth at the Chicago Strictly Sail boat show this year. Additionally, we will be hosting a presentation at the show outlining our plans for, and answering your questions about, the 101st Race to Mackinac.


12 January 2009 | Boat Shows, Chicago to Mackinac Sailboat Race, Chicago Yacht Club, Seminars/Education, Strictly Sail Chicago | No Comments

Pink Pony Party – Chicago Yacht Club Belmont Station, 6PM, January 31, 2009

(For those who might not already know, the Pink Pony is a Mackinac Island bar, a welcome destination for thirsty sailors at the end of the Mackinac sailboat race.)

Pink Pony Bar & Grill at Chippewa Hotel, Mackinac Island logo -

Race To Mackinac Committee announces:

And, on the evening of the 31st, Chicago Yacht Club will host the annual Pink Pony Party at its Belmont Station. The party will begin at 6 PM. Everyone is welcome.


12 January 2009 | Chicago to Mackinac Sailboat Race, Chicago Yacht Club, Hospitality, Social Events | 1 Comment

Leukemia Cup Regatta -












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