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LMSRF Area III Boat of the Year series race –
August 9, 2008

LMSRF Area III Boat of the Year series race - August 9, 2008 -

another great day

long courses well-chosen to provide more racing, amidst rapidly changing conditions

spectacular views, interesting weather challenges

more later

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Good News: Barracuda replaced

Barracuda, the Beneteau 40.7 which sank during the Chicago Mackinac return delivery last year, has been replaced.

Steve Pelke is the proud new owner of Stingray, a Beneteau 36.7.

We expect Stingray will be very competitive in the growing 36.7 one-design section.

Congratulations, Steve!

The Beneteau 36.7 North American Championship will be held in Chicago this year.

The 2008 NA’s take place September 2 – 6, 2008, hosted at Chicago Yacht Club by the Lake Michigan Beneteau 36.7 Fleet.

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More 2007 Boat Carnage

Seagoon suffered damage after hitting a submerged rock in the shallows of Beaver Island on Port Huron Mackinac return delivery. Stringer damage was serious and the boat is not expected to race again this season.

Raven suffered a tiller failure on Mackinac return delivery, which was fixed. The boat was in Chicago to race Sunday.

Jahazi was seen in Muskegon at Torreson’s last weekend, appearing to have keel damage which was repaired.

Karma ran aground during Chicago Mackinac race and withdrew.

Regardless is rumored to have run aground.

Barracuda and her keel were recovered and transported to Manistee, where her fate remains to be decided. Hopefully she will be repaired and racing again soon.

The Island House awards party for Chicago Mackinac race may be dead, also. By all accounts, the Grand Hotel party was superior in all respects.

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Barracuda (Beneteau 40.7) sinks during Mackinac return delivery

Barracuda (Beneteau 40.7) sinks during Mackinac return delivery - thumbnail image

We are sad to report Barracuda suffered keel damage and sank on the Mackinac return delivery. The keel struck the bottom repeatedly during heavy seas in shallow waters before failing. After the keel was lost, water filled the hole and Barracuda sank within minutes. Three people were rescued, according to accounts from eyewitnesses, and no injuries or casualties have been reported.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to owner Steve Pelke and crew chief John Boyle, and all crew on board. We hope for the sound recovery of Barracuda.

Source: Sailing Anarchy forum thread – click here

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Chicago 2007 NOOD Regatta:
Day 3, Course B Racing pictures

2007 Chicago NOOD Regatta racing pictures from Day 3, Course B:

The day began under postponement, due to light wind conditions. Beneteau’s rafted to swim, socialize, pass the time and share cold beverages.

Program sports the most expensive, yet very stylish, fender in the Beneteau 36.7 fleet (and the envy of many wishing for a quick beer run to cool their thirst).

Wanda effortlessly displays her light-air performance, breezing past the rafted Beneslow’s. Wanda, a Viper 830, was ready and eager to race in conditions when none of the other boats on the course could possibly get up to starting speed.

Impetuous successfully tows a water-skiing crewmember.

The attention signal from the RC called the boats to the starting sequence, concluding the fun and frivolity of pre-race postponement activities.

In contrast to the relaxation and recreation earlier in the day, racing was very competitive in mild winds and flat water ideal for sailing. Here, the entire Vayu crew concentrate their focus and determination during a tight crossing.

More pictures in the complete (unedited, bulk upload) photo gallery:

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Leukemia Cup Regatta -












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