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2008 Proposed Area III Schedule

as seen on the internet:

2008 Proposed Area III Schedule

5-17 Jacobs Day 1 / BPYC
5-18 Jacobs Day 2 / BPYC

5/24 Reinholtzen / CCYC
5/25 Olympic Cup / CCYC

5-31 Chicago – MC (or distance substitute) / ColYC
6-1 MC – Chicago (or distance substitute) / BPYC

6-7 Colors Regatta / ColYC (non Area III)
6-8 Colors Regatta / ColYC (non Area III)

6/13 NOOD / CYC (non Area III)
6/14 NOOD / CYC (non Area III)
6/15 NOOS / CYC (non Area III)

6-21 Chicago – Waukegan / WYC
6-22 Waukegan – Chicago / GLYC

6-28 Hobelman / CCYC

7-5 Kaczmarek – CCYC
7-6 Mayor Daley / ColYC

7-12 Lutz / JPYC

7-19 Mac / CYC (non Area III)


8-2 Commodore’s / ColYC
8-3 Fran Byrne / ColYC

8-9 Zukasky / BPYC
8-10 Horton / BPYC

8-15 Verve / CYC (non Area III)
8-16 Verve / CYC (non Area III)
8-17 Verve / CYC (non Area III)

8-23 Lukemia Cup / ColYC (non Area III)

8-29 Chicago – St Joe / ColYC
8-31 St Joe – MC / MCYC
9-1 MC – Chicago / JPYC

9-7 Commodore’s / CYC

9-13 Clark / CYC

9/20 MORF Open / MORF
9/21 MORF Open / MORF

Reportedly, the J105 and T10 fleets have decided NOT to sail to Michigan City in the 2008 Tri-State Regatta, opting instead to sail home to Chicago on Sunday.

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Chicago 2007 NOOD Regatta:
Day 3, Course B Racing pictures

2007 Chicago NOOD Regatta racing pictures from Day 3, Course B:

The day began under postponement, due to light wind conditions. Beneteau’s rafted to swim, socialize, pass the time and share cold beverages.

Program sports the most expensive, yet very stylish, fender in the Beneteau 36.7 fleet (and the envy of many wishing for a quick beer run to cool their thirst).

Wanda effortlessly displays her light-air performance, breezing past the rafted Beneslow’s. Wanda, a Viper 830, was ready and eager to race in conditions when none of the other boats on the course could possibly get up to starting speed.

Impetuous successfully tows a water-skiing crewmember.

The attention signal from the RC called the boats to the starting sequence, concluding the fun and frivolity of pre-race postponement activities.

In contrast to the relaxation and recreation earlier in the day, racing was very competitive in mild winds and flat water ideal for sailing. Here, the entire Vayu crew concentrate their focus and determination during a tight crossing.

More pictures in the complete (unedited, bulk upload) photo gallery:

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Chicago 2007 NOOD Regatta:
Awards & Party pictures

2007 Chicago NOOD Regatta - Awards Party index

2007 Chicago NOOD Regatta Awards & Party pictures are online.

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Chicago 2007 NOOD Regatta:
Ron Buzil’s Beneteau 40.7 coverage

Sailing World NOOD Regatta

2007 Sperry Top-Sider Chicago NOOD

Beneteau 40.7 North America Championship

2007 NOOD – NA Championship
Article by Ron Buzil:


Thanks, Ron, for another excellent 40.7 article! – Chicago’s Beneteau 40.7 Fleet

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Chicago 2007 NOOD Regatta:
Sailing World coverage

Sailing World NOOD Regatta

2007 Sperry Top-Sider Chicago NOOD
Sailing World


Final Results:

Photo Galleries:

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Chicago 2007 NOOD Regatta

Photos will be posted here online later, including racing pictures from Day 3 on Circle B (Beneteau 40.7 fleet) plus a few surprises.

Here is a link to final race results (on
Chicago 2007 NOOD Regatta results

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2007 Sailing World Chicago NOOD Regatta – IRC Advisory

Sailing World NOOD Regatta

Sailing World announces 2007 Sperry Top-Sider Chicago NOOD Regatta – Competitor IRC Advisory:

Competitor IRC Advisory for the 2007 Sperry Top-Sider Chicago NOOD Regatta
Apr 1, 2007
By NOOD Staff (More articles by this author)
Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regatta
Chicago – 2007


The Organizing Authority (Sailing World) has received inquiries regarding the possibility of handicapping a Section in the 2007 NOOD using the IRC Rule. Representatives from the OA and the Chicago Yacht Club have discussed this issue at length and have arrived at the following conclusions.

  1. The event will continue to register competitors as entries handicapped under PHRF and those entries will be divided into no more than 4 handicapped sections,
  2. Those participants who have valid, current IRC certificates will be encouraged to submit those documents to the OA, along with their PHRF entry, and they will be scored using both handicap systems. Prizes will be awarded to boats scored under the IRC Rule and there will be no increase in the entry fee for the event to affect this element of the regatta. The “official” results for the individual handicapped sections will still be determined using the PHRF Rule.
  3. We are mindful of the disparity of boats that might have IRC Certificates, and ask that competitors understand that it is impossible to equitably score boats sailing on different race areas. With that thought in mind, our intent is to limit IRC scoring to those entries that would “normally” be sailing together on the same circle.
  4. In order to move forward with this “dual scoring”, a minimum of 8 IRC rated entries must be recorded with the OA.

The Organizing Authority is mindful that things change and that various parts of our sport are constantly evolving. We want to move forward with this, but not at the expense of those loyal competitors who continue to race under local PHRF. We feel that this is the best solution for the event for 2007 with the full intent of addressing this handicapping issue again as things move forward into the 2008 season.


Peter Reggio
Race Management Coordinator
for the NOOD Regattas
March 28, 2007

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Leukemia Cup Regatta -












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