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2008 Racing Schedule now online

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The Midwest Open Racing Fleet (MORF) website has been updated with the 2008 Racing Schedule.

(Note: The MORF home page indicates the schedule is preliminary as of January 3, 2008.)

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2008 Proposed Area III Schedule

as seen on the internet:

2008 Proposed Area III Schedule

5-17 Jacobs Day 1 / BPYC
5-18 Jacobs Day 2 / BPYC

5/24 Reinholtzen / CCYC
5/25 Olympic Cup / CCYC

5-31 Chicago – MC (or distance substitute) / ColYC
6-1 MC – Chicago (or distance substitute) / BPYC

6-7 Colors Regatta / ColYC (non Area III)
6-8 Colors Regatta / ColYC (non Area III)

6/13 NOOD / CYC (non Area III)
6/14 NOOD / CYC (non Area III)
6/15 NOOS / CYC (non Area III)

6-21 Chicago – Waukegan / WYC
6-22 Waukegan – Chicago / GLYC

6-28 Hobelman / CCYC

7-5 Kaczmarek – CCYC
7-6 Mayor Daley / ColYC

7-12 Lutz / JPYC

7-19 Mac / CYC (non Area III)


8-2 Commodore’s / ColYC
8-3 Fran Byrne / ColYC

8-9 Zukasky / BPYC
8-10 Horton / BPYC

8-15 Verve / CYC (non Area III)
8-16 Verve / CYC (non Area III)
8-17 Verve / CYC (non Area III)

8-23 Lukemia Cup / ColYC (non Area III)

8-29 Chicago – St Joe / ColYC
8-31 St Joe – MC / MCYC
9-1 MC – Chicago / JPYC

9-7 Commodore’s / CYC

9-13 Clark / CYC

9/20 MORF Open / MORF
9/21 MORF Open / MORF

Reportedly, the J105 and T10 fleets have decided NOT to sail to Michigan City in the 2008 Tri-State Regatta, opting instead to sail home to Chicago on Sunday.

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Big Kahuna Party: CYC Belmont Station, Sat. Sept. 15, 2007

Big Kahuna Party 2007

Just a few years ago, the Big Kahuna party was a fun event marking the middle of September, to be followed with a few more weeks of racing, including Area III followed by two weekends of MORF Open. A good number of boats would stay in the water until October or November, soaking up what was left of the full season before cold weather.

These days, Area III racing ends quickly- Saturday is the last Area III race- and MORF Open has been reduced to only one-and-a-half race days. The weather has been milder and warmer, but boats seem more eager to get put away before crew assistance vanishes.

Crowley’s move to the south makes the end-of-the-season boat delivery more exposed to the weather, and less interesting than the former traditional river trip to the old location.

Oh well, boats still have the option to stay in until October or later, the MORF Open is still a great way to extend your racing season, and the Big Kahuna is still a fun way to celebrate and socialize after the final Area III race this season!

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Leukemia Cup Regatta -












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