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Another sad passing:
Tom Kennedy, Blu Interlude owner dies

Sadly, there have been a series of death-related posts here on I was hoping to change the theme, especially in light of the holidays and hopes for a new year of sailing adventures.

But, unfortunately, circumstances have included the loss of too many Chicago area sailors in recent months. It is with sadness and respect that we give recognition to these individuals, in priority over other less somber sailing news.


Blu Interlude - small


Tom Kennedy passed away suddenly at the end of 2007. He was the owner of Blu Interlude, Beneteau 47.7, sail number GBR 7237. According to sources, Tom was unexpectedly stricken with a heart attack. Paramedics were called to his home after Tom felt chest pains, but he suffered a massive attack prior to their arrival and could not be revived.


Marty Bernstein raced regularly on Blu Interlude and shares this memorial tribute in remembrance of Tom Kennedy:

Tom was one of the nicest gentlemen on Lake Michigan or anywhere. It was a tremendous shock for his crew, his family and friends. Hundreds turned out for his send off at St. Clement Church, and spent nearly three hours at an open mic at the reception following, telling stories and remembering a true sportsman.

His first boat was Q-11, Robin, back in the day when Chicago had a sizable Q-Boat fleet. That was followed by the new Robin with the Shields fleet in Belmont Harbor. When his business prospered, he added the Ben 47.7 Blu Interlude, doing the last five Mac races on her.

His generosity knew no bounds; he frequently implored the crew to take the boat out sailing when he was out of town. Tom couldn’t bear to have her just sitting on the mooring and the crew missing all the fun. Though fiercely competitive on the race course, the object was fun, no raised voices, no harsh words.

If you met him just once, you were his friend. The Chicago fleet won’t be the same without him.

Fair winds and gentle seas, sailor. We will miss you.


About the Blu Interlude photo (

Unfortunately, I did not get to know Tom, but sailed against Blu Interlude in the 2007 Tri-State Regatta. I shot the picture above during the St. Joseph, Michigan to Michigan City, Indiana leg of the race. Blu Interlude, Raven and St. Francis were the only three boats who ventured out into Lake Michigan, as the rest of the fleet all took a shore route. Raven passed Blu Interlude to windward, forcing Blu Interlude to tack into shore. Raven soon followed her in, but St. Francis continued on. After a period of little or no wind, the wind filled in with a change of direction, and St. Francis finished the race without ever tacking once, remarkably enough, finishing second-to-last in her section, but winning a moral victory by finishing ahead of Raven. Blu Interlude finished somewhere ahead of both of us.

I was new to St. Francis and the racing section, and thus not well-acquainted with Tom or Blu Interlude, but the owners and crew of St. Francis all had good things to say about Tom and his crew. He will be missed and remembered fondly.


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2008 Proposed Area III Schedule

as seen on the internet:

2008 Proposed Area III Schedule

5-17 Jacobs Day 1 / BPYC
5-18 Jacobs Day 2 / BPYC

5/24 Reinholtzen / CCYC
5/25 Olympic Cup / CCYC

5-31 Chicago – MC (or distance substitute) / ColYC
6-1 MC – Chicago (or distance substitute) / BPYC

6-7 Colors Regatta / ColYC (non Area III)
6-8 Colors Regatta / ColYC (non Area III)

6/13 NOOD / CYC (non Area III)
6/14 NOOD / CYC (non Area III)
6/15 NOOS / CYC (non Area III)

6-21 Chicago – Waukegan / WYC
6-22 Waukegan – Chicago / GLYC

6-28 Hobelman / CCYC

7-5 Kaczmarek – CCYC
7-6 Mayor Daley / ColYC

7-12 Lutz / JPYC

7-19 Mac / CYC (non Area III)


8-2 Commodore’s / ColYC
8-3 Fran Byrne / ColYC

8-9 Zukasky / BPYC
8-10 Horton / BPYC

8-15 Verve / CYC (non Area III)
8-16 Verve / CYC (non Area III)
8-17 Verve / CYC (non Area III)

8-23 Lukemia Cup / ColYC (non Area III)

8-29 Chicago – St Joe / ColYC
8-31 St Joe – MC / MCYC
9-1 MC – Chicago / JPYC

9-7 Commodore’s / CYC

9-13 Clark / CYC

9/20 MORF Open / MORF
9/21 MORF Open / MORF

Reportedly, the J105 and T10 fleets have decided NOT to sail to Michigan City in the 2008 Tri-State Regatta, opting instead to sail home to Chicago on Sunday.

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2007 Tri-State Regatta:
Finches Make Good Crew

2007 Tri-State Regatta - Finches Crew - Deck Fluff

Hungry finches visited many boats returning to Chicago on the third leg of the Tri-State Regatta this year. The animated birds seemed very friendly, sometimes landing on or near racing crewmembers. Hopping around the boat, the little birds brought good cheer and happily ate tiny insects and pesky flies.

The finches were occasionally joined by bats. Our boat had several bats swoop by. One took a break by clinging upside down on the jib, while another one flew to the boom gooseneck and disappeared into the boom. He could not be seen anywhere inside, but outhaul adjustments or tapping the boom did not seem to disturb the heavy sleeper. After docking the boat in the harbor and night fell, the furry stowaway decided to come out and flew away.

Recognizing the nimble agility, light weight, and insect-eating abilities of the little finches, we decided to recruit them as alternate crew. The slow race gave us time to train them with the necessary basic skills to fill all crew positions on the boat. Take a look at the finch crew pictures here.

2007 Tri-State Regatta - Finches Crew - Helm


More Photos: 2007 Tri-State Regattta finch crew photos

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2007 Tri-State Regatta:
St. Joe, Bloody Mary’s, and Volleyball

2007 Tri-State Regatta logo


Longbranch Bloody Mary Mix logo

Unofficial race sponsor
Link: Longbranch Bloody Mary Zinger

2007 Tri-State Regatta Volleyball announcement

More fun this weekend…

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Leukemia Cup Regatta -












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