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NOOD Regatta – June 19-21, 2009 – Friday Storm

NOOD Regatta
Friday, June 19, 2009

NOOD Regatta - June 19-21, 2009 - Friday weather photo - Under the Storm Front

Under the Storm Front

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Columbia Yacht Club COLORS Regatta – June 13-14, 2009 – Conditions

Columbia Yacht Club COLORS Regatta
June 13-14, 2009
Weather Photos


Columbia Yacht Club COLORS Regatta - June 13-14, 2009 - Saturday conditions weather photo

Saturday Weather


Columbia Yacht Club COLORS Regatta - June 13-14, 2009 - Sunday conditions weather photo

Sunday Weather

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Youngest Briton to scale Everest killed – Was named “Adventurer of the Year” for global journey using only skis, sleds, sails and bicycles

Mount Everest -

Updated – More from National Geographic:
article 1
article 2

CNN reports:

Rob Gauntlett, the youngest Briton to summit Mount Everest, died in a climbing accident along with another mountaineer in the French Alps, the British Foreign Office confirmed Sunday. Both were 21.

he bodies of Gauntlett and James Atkinson were found Saturday in the Mont Blanc area. Weather conditions were reported to have been clear and cold in Chamonix at the time.

Gauntlett scaled Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, in 2006 just days after his 19th birthday, along with 19-year-old James Hooper, his Web site says. He shattered the previous British record set by Bear Grylls at the age of 23.

Last month, National Geographic Adventure magazine declared Gauntlett and Hooper “adventurers of the year” for their 26,000-mile journey from one of Earth’s magnetic poles to the other using only skis, sleds, sails and bicycles.

Gauntlett said on his Web site that completing the journey was his proudest moment.

“We had spent three months on a 60-foot yacht sailing across the world’s most brutal ocean. A year before I had done virtually no proper sailing, so to be thrown in at the very deep end was a little scary at times,” he admitted.


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Dark Evening…

Gothic Chicago skyline at dusk, weather front over Lake Michigan on Saturday, November 15, 2008, showing rain cloud tendrils descending


Chicago skyline gothic Lake Michigan weather front - Saturday, November 15, 2008

click image to enlarge


Now you can show your friends what it looks like when you encounter a dark weather front out on the lake…

This picture captures the ghostly tendrils descending from the gray skies where a gap in the cloud cover is indicated by sunlight highlighting the phenomenon.

The distinctly gothic elements of the cloudy overcast, dark water, and architecture of the distant Chicago skyline on the horizon on a cold and gloomy November afternoon contrasted sharply with Roy Disney’s “Morning Light” sailing documentary playing in local theaters at the time.

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LMSRF Area III Boat of the Year series race –
August 9, 2008

LMSRF Area III Boat of the Year series race - August 9, 2008 -

another great day

long courses well-chosen to provide more racing, amidst rapidly changing conditions

spectacular views, interesting weather challenges

more later

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Illinois Earthquake - April 18, 2008

This rare early-morning post is brought to you courtesy of the 5.2 magnitude earthquake which woke us up today at 4:37 AM in Chicago.

Here is the live map update of the USGS intensity report, based on questionnaire responses:

Illinois Earthquake - April 18, 2008

The earthquake from a sailing perspective-

Boats already in the harbor should be safe – no tsunami has been reported. Boats on land stored in shock-proof cradles should also be OK.

North Sails Weather Forecast

Interestingly, the North Sails Event Weather Service listserver sent an empty email out to recipients within a few minutes after the earthquake. Note the tell-tale signature 1970 timestamp, an artifact which indicates the host computer time had reset or otherwise been lost, such as waking up from a power outage or other unplanned restart, very likely a direct result of today’s earthquake.

UPDATE 10:19 AM – Aftershock!

Aftershock tremors rumbled buildings again here in Chicago around 10:16 AM. Loose objects mysteriously rattled eerily for a few moments, as if haunted by ghostly poltergeists, and settled down with no evidence or damage remaining. Still, the aftershock also measured a considerable 4.6 magnitude.

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Chicago Sailing Winter 2008:
Frozen Lake Michigan

Tall Ship Windy moored at Navy Pier in Chicago in winter

Frozen Lake Michigan as seen from Navy Pier Chicago in winter

Chicago Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in winter

More photos here

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2008 Chicago Sailing Pre-Season:
Mooring Cans covered with snow, destined for Monroe Harbor soon

2008 Mooring Cans covered with snow

Mooring cans in secret location are covered with snow, destined for Monroe Harbor as the weather warms.

Photo gallery here

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Chicago NOAA weather station down, repairs delayed

As we reported earlier last week, the NOAA Harrison-Dever Crib weather station has been down. Now there is official word regarding repair status.


NOAA chi1 webcam


NOTICE: Jan 30, 2008. The Chicago met data and webcam are down until further notice. Due the station’s remote location, and our reliance on the City Water Department, we probably won’t get out there until spring. Please refer to for marine weather data in the Chicago vicinity.

NOTICE: Current Meteorological Conditions Not Available

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Sub-Zero Temperatures in Chicago, As Key West Race Week Begins

Acura Key West Race 2008 presented by Nautica

Chicago endured sub-zero temperatures as the coldest days of the winter season arrive here.

Chicago NOAA weather data

The automated NOAA weather station located on the Harrison-Dever Crib stopped transmitting data this morning around 8 AM CST. It is unknown whether the fault was due to the extreme cold weather, but it is a likely explanation. We all rely on this important source of weather data during the sailing season, which holds our interest during the cold winter months when the local weather doesn’t allow sailing. We hope it is fixed and online again soon.

Chicago NOAA webcam image

Meanwhile, the Acura Key West Race 2008 presented by Nautica begins tomorrow. Boats and sailors have been arriving during the week. Winds were gusting to 35+ knots on the last full practice day, as many crews opted to finish preparing their boats onshore rather than go out sailing.

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Leukemia Cup Regatta -












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