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Real Pirates at Field Museum


The Real Pirates are in your government; taxing, borrowing and spending too much.

Field Museum has some pirates, too.

Through October 25, 2009.


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Chicago Tea Party

alternate link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEZB4taSEoA

Today is Chicago Tea Party Day.


Just say “NO!” to Big Government.



Representative Jan Schakowsky, D-IL, released a statement in response to “tea parties” being held on Tax Day.

Chicago Tribune: reports:

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a Chicago Democrat, said in a statement that the protests were “an effort to mislead the public about the Obama economic plan” and called them “a shameful political stunt.”


Here’s the entire press release by Jan Schakowsky:

Needless to say, we do not support the views of Jan Schakowsky.

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Local Sailor on American Ship Attacked by Pirates

Suburban man on American ship attacked by pirates
Pirates attack American ship
Batavia sailor e-mails mom in Wheaton: We’re OK

Batavia Man on Ship Attacked by Somali Pirates
Local sailor: We practiced evading pirates
“We are under attack by pirates, we are being hit by rockets. Also bullets”

“I’m not a pirate, I’m the saviour of the sea”
Who are the pirate bands menacing commercial and tourist shipping off Somalia? Our writer meets one of the leaders

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Northwestern University Sailing Team – 2009 Spring Regatta


Wet Your Willie Regatta
Northwestern University

Northwestern University Sailing Team - 2009 Spring Regatta - April 11, 2009 - www.sailfastchicago.com

Northwestern University Sailing Team - 2009 Spring Regatta - April 11, 2009 - www.sailfastchicago.com

Northwestern University Sailing Team - 2009 Spring Regatta - April 11, 2009 - www.sailfastchicago.com

Northwestern University Sailing Team
Wet Your Willie 2009 Spring Regatta
April 11-12, 2009

Cameraphone pictures from Saturday-

A sunny day with good breeze from the north.

Conditions were much colder than it looks!

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Pirates Attack on Lake Michigan: Grand Haven, Beaver Island, Manitous Threatened by Marauders Causes Excitement

Pirates on Lake Michigan - www.sailfastchicago.com

Pirates on Lake Michigan have attacked boats and towns during the 1800’s, wreaking havoc and mayhem in their search for booty in regions such as Beaver Island, the Manitous and Grand Haven.

Pirates on Lake Michigan - newspaper article - www.sailfastchicago.com

WBBM Newsradio 780 reports:

CHICAGO (WBBM) – While the world watches the Somali pirate drama, there’s a story to be told of pirates right here on Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan was home to a few pirates from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The headline: Wholesale robbery by pirates on Lake Michigan. The date: October 10, 1855, in the New York Times.

The Times reported on people in the area around Saugutuck, Michigan, “thrown into the most intense excitement by the operations of a gang of marauders, who are reported to be Mormons from Beaver Island.”

But it wasn’t other ships that were attacked, it was land-based stores.

Half a century later – and almost 101 years ago – “Roaring” Dan Seavey took control of a Great Lakes cargo ship and sailed it to Chicago.

He reportedly got control of the 40-foot schooner Nellie Johnson in Grand Haven, Michigan, by out-drinking its captain and crew – then stealing it.

The Sun-Times reports that Seavey “found no fortune in his pirating: He was unable to sell the load of cedar posts in Chicago and was captured back near his home in Frankfort, Michigan.”

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Video: J/30 Bonzai Dragon Destroyed

J/30 Bonzai Dragon destroyed and crushed to pieces in this video:

This J/30 was too big for “Will It Blend?”.

Bonzai Dragon, J/30
Sail Number 41838.
Hull Number 346.

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Corinthian Yacht Club offers Crew School

Chicago Tribune announces:

The Corinthian Yacht Club is hosting its Sailboat Crew Development School beginning April 22 at the club at 601 W. Montrose Drive. The five week class, from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesdays, provides training in basic and intermediate crewing skills to those 18 and older. The training takes place on land though students are asked to dress for the outdoors. Fee is $110 and includes book and materials. Send the completed application form and check to Jim Janik, 5256 W. Warner Ave., Chicago, IL 60641-1469. The form and more information are available at www.corinthian.org.

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Olympics 2016: IOC Evaluation Team Visits Chicago

The Olympic evaluation team visited Chicago as part of the 2016 Olympics bid process.

Chicago Sun-Times mentions:

Then at Monroe Harbor, a possible home to Olympic rowing and swimming competitions, sailboats rocked on the choppy waters, its masts emblazoned with the Chicago 2016 bid team’s logo.


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LMSRF Annual Survey Results

Donald Thinschmidt, LMSRF Commodore, reports:

Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation
1st Annual Survey Results

LMSRF has compiled the results of the 1st Annual Survey including all of the essay answers (minus the ones that weren’t “G” rated) and has them available for all Lake Michigan Sailors to review. We especially encourage all Organizing Authorities to listen to what the Sailors want. By responding to the needs of your customers, your events may grow and provide better satisfaction for all concerned.

Read the full results at:

As a reward for completing the survey, 2 sailors out of 133 who provided their names in a random drawing have won free memberships in LMSRF for the 2009 season. Congratulations Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation Members:
Jon Fischer
Paul Murray

Donald Thinschmidt
LMSRF Commodore

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